How to get 100s of subscribers by posting on Facebook groups

Here’s what happened after 1 week of posting to Facebook groups. The good, the bad, the FU’s

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Get new subscribers by posting in relevant Facebook groups.

Candidly, we hate Facebook.

Too many Karen’s and Rand’s posting about their kids/cats/birthday parties. Probably why we are typically terrible at leveraging Facebook.

BUT we kept hearing about people using Facebook/Reddit/LinkedIn/ groups to grow their email lists by the thousands.

Perhaps not surprisingly, every time we tried to leverage Facebook Groups we failed. My comments were deleted, we felt spammy, or our personal favorite: getting kicked out of a group entirely. There’s nothing quite like getting online bounced out of a virtual club.

To be fair, we were doing it all wrong. We deserved to be ignored. We didn’t understand the platform, we weren’t adding value, we were trying to take it from the group. That is never a good look.

The problem was that no one could tell us a good way to attack groups for growing email lists that actually felt additive as opposed to salesy. So we thought well, let’s build some examples ourselves, read up and try to hack the system.

For now, here’s what happened when we went down Facebook group rabbit hole:Like what you see? Subscribe!